Bendy and the Ink Machine chapters 1-4 gameplay

Bendy and the Ink Machine chapters 1-4 gameplay

i miss a lot of things and ee in this video but i still hope you enjoy the video of all the chapters if you want to see a certain chapter here are the places Chapter 1 Moving Pictures 0:30 Chapter 2 The Old Song 13:28 Chapter 3 Rise and Fall 33:40 Chapter 4 Colossal Wonders 1:24:00 Last update comment so I know that some people didn’t like I rushed the game and I get it for new people watching bendy for the first time so I plan to do this whole video over again when chapter 5 comes out I’ll be sure to go slower this time and not rush though the game as for this video it might go unlisted once bendy chapter 5 comes out so I don’t have 2 gameplay of the same game but I don’t know yet anyways once again thank you all for watching this and subscribed Meade’s a lot ;)

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