Donald Trump Sings & Dances - Songify This

Donald Trump Sings & Dances - Songify This

When the moment gets awkward, The Donald saves the day by dropping bars on friends and foes alike. BUY THE TRACK: Get exclusive videos from us for just $1/month - Find us on all your computers: Buy our stuff: produced with Michael Onufrak: & Tony Rodini: Dance by Sharron Lynn: Dancers: Sharron Lynn Damian Thompson Lyrics: Baby, baby, baby I’m so high - why do we have to have an election? Stupid, stupid losers Got us headed in the wrong direction We’ve gotta be smart, we’ve gotta be tough I’m killin everybody - like a rocket ship i went up I will be the greatest Some Mexicans, they’re rapists the greatest the greatest I love Mexicans, they’re rapists (x2) we used to win, we don’t win anymore we're gonna build a wall with a big fat door but i’m keeping talented people here will you get your asses in gear please do me a favor and let me win we will make america great again i find it very hard to forgive people that deceived me i have a permit to carry, believe me

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