GINGERS have SOULS - Songify This!

GINGERS have SOULS - Songify This!

Coppercab drops a couple verses about the metaphysics of redheads. Buy GINGERS have SOULS on iTunes - Get exclusive videos from us for only a buck a month: (also for apple devices here) COPPERCAB's CHANNEL: ORIGINAL VIDEO: Find more of us Gregory Brothers: YouTube 2! Twitter! IG! Facebook! Webs! Lyrics: I just wanted to say that it really irritates me that South Park would say red-haired people don't have souls and it really hurts my feelings i act like it doesn't but it does, really bad for real Gah, gingers have souls You don't me, you're not God You don't know who has a soul and who doesn't Gah, I don't see the difference Gingers have souls I'm redheaded and God made me that way And God made gingers have souls Lately I've been being called a ginger A fat ginger It pisses me off It pisses me off I'm getting sick and tired of everyone Making fun of red-haired people What is so freaking different? Tell me, tell me I'm redheaded and proud of it I'm proud of me I'm proud of myself I'm proud I got freckles, you know It's who I am, God made me that way And I have a soul #Gingers #Souls #RighteousAnger

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Дата: 2012-05-15

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