Kratos vs Dante | Source Rap Battle Remastered

Kratos vs Dante | Source Rap Battle Remastered

Hit the notification bell to see new episodes! New videos every week! FREE Song Download: Official Voting! SoundCloud: FB: Unofficial Episode: Kratos vs Dante Remastered Edition (Re-mixed and higher quality Mastered Audio with free Mp3 DL) Its a throwback in this edition of the Source Rap Battle series! Kratos vs Dante face off once again for the title of top console badass! Who is truly the greater warrior? Who's skills are unmatched? Who's the ultimate fan favorite? And, more importantly, who's the better battle rapper?! Vote for the winner & let me know which episodes from Season 1 & 2 you'd like to see re-done with some added heat! (This special edition won't count towards the rappers battle records, its for bragging rights!) Thanks for 150,000+ Subs! Enjoy a free remastered Mp3 as a thank you- Team Source Stand Up! -Vic@TheInfiniteSource

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Дата: 2015-11-06

Автор: The Infinite Source


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