Top 7 Drawing VS Reality. What seems more real to you?

Top 7 Drawing VS Reality. What seems more real to you?

7 drawings that look better than reality A big big thanks to Sajini Ramesh, Bibi and all my Patrons for their great support❤️ #ThankYouPatrons Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed this drawing video Join the Notification Crew: click the 🔔Bell FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! 🔶 INSTAGRAM (@marcellobarenghi) ► 🔵 FACEBOOK (@marcellobarenghi) ► 🔲 TWITTER (@BarenghiM) ► 🎨 MY DRAWING TOOLS 🎥 MY RECORDING and EDITING EQUIPMENT 🎵 MUSIC/SONGS PLANTAINS: "Business freedom" by Mikael Manvelyan COLA BOTTLE: "Beach Fun" by Arkadii Kaplan GRAPES: "Remember this Winter" by Cinquequarti Please feel free to visit: WINE BOTTLE: "The Bluest Star" by GREEN GLASS: "The Sun Shines Down" by Joel Hunger COPPER CUP: "Remember this Winter" by Cinquequarti, please feel free to visit: LIME: "Timeless Joy" by (Standard Licence) Did you create some amazing drawings inspired by my style and drawing technique? 😜💖 That's great! Post them on instagram using the hashtag marcellobarenghiinspired and tag me @marcellobarenghi Each week I'll choose and publish my favorites! More info: #top #3Dart #MarcelloBarenghi

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