Why Louie Simmons (Westside) Thinks Steroids Shouldn't Be Criminalized: Documentary | Bonus 2

Why Louie Simmons (Westside) Thinks Steroids Shouldn't Be Criminalized: Documentary | Bonus 2

Subscribe to Grit: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-- Watch full documentary now: http://bit.ly/1FDnayw One of the biggest crimes in professional sports is the use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. Those on the other side don't deny the competitive advantage anabolic steroids give. But they also believe that it doesn't make you an amazing athlete. Those skills are god-given. Louie Simmons biggest issue with the ban on steroids is the hypocritical scapegoating that it gets versus other forms of substance abuse. In a world where just about anyone can call themselves a “trainer,” Louie Simmons reigns as the “Godfather” of strength training. As a world-class powerlifter, Louie made a name for himself breaking numerous records and innovating strength through his Eastern-bloc training methodology. His “invite-only” gym in Columbus, Ohio (Westside Barbell) has has become the mecca for elite athletes looking to become the best in the world. But behind this 1,200 square-foot room where elite athletes undergo extraordinary physical transformations lies extreme training and non-stop action with Louie Simmons guiding through it all. In our latest story, "State of Strength," we went to Westside Barbell and spent a morning with Louie and his guys training. About Grit: Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower the next generation through sports media. Sports coverage is filled with talking heads and scripted statements. So, we're moving beyond the scores and highlights to bring original digital stories about real people and real issues. Follow Grit Media here: - Website: http://www.gritmedia.co - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grit.media.co - Twitter: www.twitter.com/gritmedia - Instagram: https://instagram.com/gritmedia/ Credit: - Editor: Jon Sadrgilany - Track: "Wonder Cycle" by Chris Zabriskie

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